Being on the road today is a lot riskier than it once was. There has been a dramatic increase in traffic and potholes, to name but a few! That’s why we believe that it is essential to make sure that your car is properly insured. We’ve developed four different car insurance products ranging from comprehensive car insurance for your financed vehicle, to the more cost-effective Third Party Only cover to choose from; what’s more these policies also includes a host of Assist Benefits.

Just take a look below to see which product best suits your vehicle insurance needs!

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

This is the whole package. With comprehensive car insurance you can claim for the theft of your car, for any accidental damages, and even for damages that you accidentally cause to a third party’s property.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft

Third Party, Fire and Theft cover allows you to claim for the theft of your car, as well as for certain specified damage to your car. You can also claim for the damage that you accidentally inflict on another parties’ property, however it doesn’t cover any accidental damage to your car.

Third-Party Only

Third Party Only is best suited for cars that are paid in full and have a low value. With this cover you will be able to claim for the damage you caused another parties’ property. While it is the most cost-effective cover, it is important to remember that you won’t be covered for the theft of your car and for any damages to your car.

BetterCar Value

When it comes to insuring your vehicle, Budget normally gives you the option to insure your vehicle for its Retail, Trade, or Market value. These options usually allow you to replace your written off car for the same value. With our BetterCar value option you are able insure your current car, so that if it is written off*, it will be replaced with a younger model with less kilometres on the clock.

If your car is written off, BetterCar will replace your vehicle with the same model, which is one year newer.
*Please note:
• The BetterCar option applies to all vehicle models less than or equal to 8 years old
• The BetterCar option does not apply to vehicles written-off as a result of theft, attempted theft, hi-jacking or attempted hi-jacking.
• The minimum BetterCar pay-out will be 15% plus the retail value of the written off vehicle
• The maximum BetterCar pay-out will be 40% plus the retail value of the written off vehicle



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